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Narrowing your Search Further

You will see filters that will help you narrow your search on the left side of the page. Filters include “eligibility criteria” (age, gender, etc.), “study type.”, “Study Results”, Study Phase” and “Study Funder”. Across the top are additional search options: “By Topic, “On Map”, and “Search Details”. These additional filtering options narrow your search further, though you will find fewer search results, or possibly no available trials if you are too specific.

Additional Filters Screenshot

By Topic

Topics help to narrow your search by the specifics of your individual health condition. Available topics include: “Conditions,” “Rare Diseases,” “Drug Interventions,” “Dietary Supplements,” and “Sponsor/Collaborators.” “Conditions” is the default when you select “By Topic”. If you have hepatitis B and fibrosis, you can use the “fibrosis” filter to narrow your search. Click on “Drug Interventions” and page through listings to find clinical trials specific to HBV and the selected drug, such as entecavir, tenofovir or others. Click on “Dietary Supplements” and select options such as milk thistle, vitamin D or others to find trials pertaining to hepatitis B and the selected supplement.  


The 'By Topic' tab will bring up a list of diseases to select.


Remember, at any point you can select 'Modify Search' or 'Start Over' to alter your search.


On Map

You can narrow your search by world region or by state. Click on the third tab and you will find a map of the region you would like to see. It is interesting to see the location of all hepatitis B clinical trials. You can do so by initially inputting ‘hepatitis B’ and not selecting a country. 



Search Details

Scroll down for a list of search terms you can use to refine your search. For example, if you start with ‘hepatitis B’ with no location selected, you’ll see various HBV related terms, drugs, vaccines and more, which you can select for a refined list.


 The 'Search Details' tab will open up this screen.


This is a brief guide on locating a clinical trial for hepatitis B and may not address all your specific concerns. You may consider asking your doctor for more information about clinical trials and what best fits the needs of your condition. For additional guidance on locating on a clinical trial, visit the Locating Clinical Trials page the website