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Treatment After Pregnancy

People who have hepatitis B should be closely monitored for 6 months after delivery whether they have been prescribed antivirals are not. This will ensure there are no dangerous elevations in SGPT (ALT flares). For most people whose follow up testing shows no signs of active disease or cirrhosis (extensive liver disease), your physician will recommend regular monitoring with a liver specialist (hepatologist) or doctor with experience managing the care of people with hepatitis B. 

In all cases, it is very important that your obstetrician (or provider who will be delivering your baby), and your newborn’s pediatrician, are aware of your hepatitis B status to ensure that your newborn receives the proper vaccines at birth to prevent a lifelong hepatitis B infection, and that you receive appropriate follow up care. 

Please refer to Adults Living with Hepatitis B and Blood Tests and Diagnosis sections for additional information on living with and managing chronic hepatitis B.

Page updated September 2020