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2/18/20 New Insights into Hepatitis B and Hepatitis Delta Virus Entry

1/2/19 Hepatitis Delta Has Higher Health Care, Cost Burden Than Hepatitis B

12/26/19 REP2139 demonstrates functional cure in both HBV, HDV 

11/12/19 Eiger Announces Phase 2 LIFT Study During AASLD 2019

11/1/19 MYR Pharmaceuticals to Present on Myrcludex B During AASLD 2019

11/1/19 FDA Guidance to Help with Hepatitis Delta Drug Development

8/20/19 Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation

7/29/19 Russia Plans Production of Myrcludex B

4/13/19 MYR Announces Phase 2 Myrcludex B Trial Data at The International Liver Congress 2019

4/11/19 Eiger Announces Phase 2 LIMT Hepatitis Delta Study Progress at The International Liver Congress 2019

3/5/19 MYR Pharma Announces Grant of Promising Innovative Medicine (PIM) Designation by British MHRA

12/18/18 Eiger Announces PRIME Designation Granted by European Medicines Agency for Lonafarnib

12/17/18 Eiger Announces Breakthrough Therapy Designation Granted by FDA for Lonafarnib

9/28/18 Global Hepatitis Delta rates highest among HBV coinfected with risky behaviors

6/4/18 Digestive Disease Week: Hepatitis Delta: The 'Forgotten Virus' is Still Here

10/23/18 MYR Pharma Announces FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Myrcludex B

9/5/17  Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation

7/27/17 Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Fast Track Designation 

5/25/17 MYR Pharma Announces Myrcludex B PRIME Designation by By The EMA

4/20/15 Lonafarnib Receives FDA Fast Track Designation

12/23/14 EB Pharma Announces License Agreement for Tipifarnib from Janssen Pharmaceutica for Development in Hepatitis Delta 

12/22/14 Lonafarnib Recieves Orphan Drug Designation by FDA and EMA