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News Archive

03/20/2023: Real-world studies show efficacy, safety of BLV monotherapy in patients with HDV-related compensated cirrhosis

03/17/2023: Hepatitis Delta, Aisf and Simit specialists present joint and updated document

03/14/2023: Scottish Medicines Consortium accepts treatment for chronic hepatitis delta virus

03/2023: Improved hepatitis delta virus genome characterization by single molecule full-length genome sequencing combined with VIRiONT pipeline

01/21/2023: Bulevirtide in the Treatment of Hepatitis Delta: Drug Discovery, Clinical Development and Place in Therapy

01/11/2023: Identifying and Screening At-Risk Patients for Hepatitis Delta Virus: A Case Report

01/03/2023: A 3-Year Course Of Bulevirtide Monotherapy May Cure HDV Infection In Cirrhotics

01/2023: Effect of variants in LGP2 on MDA5-mediated activation of interferon response and suppression of hepatitis D virus replication

12/2022: Low Performance of Hepatitis Delta Virus Testing Among 2 National Cohorts of Chronic Hepatitis B Patients in the United States

12/8/2022: Eiger Announces Both Lonafarnib-based Treatments in Pivotal Phase 3 D-LIVR Trial in Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) Achieved Statistical Significance Against Placebo in Composite Primary Endpoint

11/26/2022: The Delta Delta: Gaps in screening and patient assessment for hepatitis D virus infection

11/11/2022: Bulevirtide Improves Health-Related Quality of Life (Phase 3 Clinical Trial Presentation at AASLD)

11/04/2022: Assembly Biosciences Presents New Data at AASLD The Liver Meeting® Highlighting Breadth of Virology Portfolio and Potential of Next-Generation Core Inhibitors in HBV

10/27/2022: Gilead Receives Complete Response Letter from U.S. FDA for Bulevirtide for the Treatment of Adults with Hepatitis Delta Virus.

10/27/2022: COVID-19 Impacts HDV Screening, Patient Outcomes

10/17/2022: Identification of a novel interaction site between the large hepatitis delta antigen and clathrin that regulates the assembly of genotype III hepatitis delta virus

09/2022: Presentation from International HBV Meeting: Combined results from the clinical trials MYR203 and MYR301, in patients with chronic hepatitis D

09/25/2022: Replicor Inc. has updated clinical data on the compassionate use program for treating chronic HBV/HDV co-infection in cirrhotic patients

09/22/2022: Vir Biotechnology Announces First Patient Dosed in the Phase 2 SOLSTICE Trial for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis D Virus Infection

09/13/2022: Safety and efficacy of bulevirtide in combination with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in patients with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis D virus coinfection

09/2022: Diagnosing and Screening for Hepatitis D Viral Infection

08/30/2022: Hepatitis Delta virus in migrants: The challenge of elimination (ANRS CO22 HEPATHER cohort)

06/2022: EASL Presentation - Peginterferon Lambda combined with Lonafarnib diminished triphasic HDV kinetic pattern seen under PEG-IFN Lambda monotherapy

06/2022: EASL Presentation - Mathematical modeling of HDV RNA kinetics suggests high peginterferon lambda efficacy in blocking viral production

06/2022: EASL Presentation - Rising Clinical and Economic Burden Among Hepatitis D Patients Who Attended Spanish Hospitals

06/2022: EASL Presentation - Provider Factors Shaping Hepatitis Delta Screening

06/2022: EASL Presentation - Hepatitis delta virus reflex testing in patients with hepatitis B dramatically improves the HDV screening cascade: 10 years of real-world experience 

06/27/2022: Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Announces Results from Multiple Presentations at EASL 2022

06/27/2022: Vir Biotechnology Inc. (VIR) Announces New Clinical Data From its Broad Hepatitis B Program

06/23/2022: Treatment With Hepcludex® (Bulevirtide) Meets Primary Endpoint and Achieves Significant Response in Chronic Hepatitis Delta Virus at 48 Weeks

06/16/2022: Review shines a light on the overlooked virus, hepatitis D

06/08/2022: Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Announces Multiple Presentations at EASL 2022

05/12/2022: Research Article Examining the Different Evolutionary Dynamics of the hepatitis B and hepatitis D virus

04/27/2022: Vir Biotechnology Unveils New Hepatitis D Clinical Program

03/23/2022New Hepatitis D Central Resource Available from Healio

02/17/2022Four Questions with Professor Maria Buti: Understanding Hepatitis D

02/11/2022New Hepatitis Delta Podcast Episode: Viral Hepatitis: On the Road to Elimination

02/04/2022Patient Perspective: Living with HBV and HDV Coinfection in Pandemic Times

01/20/2022Hepatitis D Changing Context Global Prevalence

01/04/2022New Slideset Updated on Don't Delay with Delta: Best Practices and Calls to Action in HDV

12/21/2021Bulevirtide Improves Quality of Life in Chronic HDV

12/21/2021Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Announces First Patient Enrolled in LIMT-2: A Phase 3 Study of Peginterferon Lambda in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) Infection

12/20/2021Medical Minutes Podcasts on HDV Epidemiology and Universal Screening

12/16/2021UN Adopts Resolution on Rare Diseases

12/13/2021Bulevirtide Shows Real-World Efficacy Versus HDV

12/03/2021Should We Screen All Patients with Hepatitis B for Hepatitis Delta?

12/01/2021Hepatitis Delta Presentations from the 2021 AASLD Liver Meeting Now Available

12/01/2021Ethnic Variations in Clinical Presentation and Treatment Eligibility for HDV Infection at a US Referral Center

11/19/2021Gilead Files BLA for Bulevirtide to Treat Chronic HDV Infection

11/12/2021: Prevalence and Characteristics of Hepatitis Delta in the United States: An Analysis of All-Payer Claims Databases

09/29/2021: The Kinesin KIF4 Mediates HBV/HDV Entry Through Regulation of Surface NTCP Localization and Can Be Targeted by RXR Agonists in vitro

08/24/2021: The Highly Complementary Model of Hepatitis D and Hepatitis B, Described by Scientists, Can Broadly Cover the HDV Replication Cycle

07/28/2021: Hepatitis D: Neglected Disease in the Race to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis by 2030

07/27/2021: Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis B & D Virus Co-Infected Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies

07/12/2021: Significant Disruptions in the International Incidence of Hepatitis Delta Virus

06/25/2021: Gilead Preps Filing for Hepatitis D Therapy Hepcludex in US

06/24/2021: Treatment With Hepcludex® (Bulevirtide) Was Shown to Achieve Significant Response in Chronic Hepatitis Delta Virus After 24 Weeks

04/01/2021: Hepatitis Delta Infection Among Persons with HIV in Europe

11/30/20: New Insights into Hepatitis D Virus Persistence: The Role of Interferon Response and Implications for Upcoming Novel Therapies

11/17/20: Eiger Announces Positive Peginterferon Lambda-Lonafarnib Combination End-of-Study Results from Phase 2 LIFT HDV Study at the Liver Meeting Digital Experience 2020

11/16/20: Eiger Announces Case Studies Demonstrating Regression of Liver Fibrosis Following 48 Weeks of Therapy with Peginterferon Lambda in Patients with Chronic HDV Infection at the Liver Meeting Digital Experience 2020

10/7/20: Risk Factors for Delta Hepatitis in a North American Cohort: Who Should Be Screened? 

9/17/20: Hepcludex Launched in Germany, France, and Austria

8/31/20: End of Treatment Results Presented for Lambda-Interferon + Lonafarnib Combination Phase 2 LIFT Study at International Liver Congress, 2020

8/5/20: Hepcludex Approved by European Commission

6/2/20: MYR Pharmaceuticals Receives Positive Opinion from EMA for Hepcludex for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis Delta

2/18/20: New Insights into Hepatitis B and Hepatitis Delta Virus Entry

2/1/20: The Effect of Twelve Weeks of Treatment with Ezetimibe on HDV RNA Level in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis D

1/2/20: Hepatitis Delta Has Higher Health Care Cost Burden Than Hepatitis B

12/26/19: REP2139 Demonstrates Functional Cure in Both HBV, HDV 

11/12/19: Eiger Announces Phase 2 LIFT Study Results During AASLD 2019

11/1/19: MYR Pharmaceuticals to Present on Myrcludex B During AASLD 2019

11/1/19: FDA Guidance to Help with Hepatitis Delta Drug Development

8/20/19: Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation

7/29/19: Russia Plans Production of Myrcludex B

4/13/19: MYR Announces Phase 2 Myrcludex B Trial Data at The International Liver Congress 2019

4/11/19: Eiger Announces Phase 2 LIMT Hepatitis Delta Study Progress at The International Liver Congress 2019

3/5/19: MYR Pharma Announces Grant of Promising Innovative Medicine (PIM) Designation by British MHRA for Myrcludex B

12/18/18: Eiger Announces PRIME Designation Granted by European Medicines Agency for Lonafarnib

12/17/18: Eiger Announces Breakthrough Therapy Designation Granted by FDA for Lonafarnib

6/4/18: Digestive Disease Week: Hepatitis Delta: The 'Forgotten Virus' is Still Here

10/23/18: MYR Pharma Announces FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Myrcludex B

9/5/17:  Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation

7/27/17: Pegylated Interferon Lambda Receives FDA Fast Track Designation 

5/25/17: MYR Pharma Announces Myrcludex B PRIME Designation by the EMA

12/23/14: EB Pharma Announces License Agreement for Tipifarnib from Janssen Pharmaceutica for Development in Hepatitis Delta 

12/22/14: Lonafarnib Recieves Orphan Drug Designation by FDA and EMA