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U.S. Vaccine Laws and Resources

State HBV Vaccine Laws and Resources

States all across the country are establishing hepatitis A and B vaccine requirements for entry into daycare, elementary and middle schools to help stop this silent infection.

For a list of each state's hepatitis B vaccine laws, visit Hepatitis B Prevention Mandates, which is regularly updated by the Immunization Action Coalition as new laws are passed.

For a list of each state's hepatitis A vaccine laws, visit Hepatitis A Prevention Mandates, which is also regularly updated by the Immunization Action Coalition.

State Viral Hepatitis Coordinators

The CDC has created a national network of State Viral Hepatitis Coordinators and Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Coordinators who manage programs to prevent, monitor, and control viral hepatitis. They reach out locally to hospitals, physicians, STD clinics, and drug treatment centers. Many of the Coordinators are trained as nurses, public health professionals, or a combination of the two and usually work out of state or city health departments.

You can view the lists, which are published and maintained by the CDC, at:
Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators 
Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Coordinators 

Other Vaccine Resources

Where to Get Vaccinated in the U.S.


CDC Immunization Hotline
TTY (888) 232-6348

Contact CDC-INFO

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Vaccine Education Center
Accurate, easy-to-understand vaccine information from the nation's leading pediatric hospital.  Information about vaccines, vaccine safety, and parent concerns is provided.

Immunization Action Coalition
Useful information about vaccines, recommendations, state laws, and educational materials. "IAC Express" is a free weekly email newsletter.

MEDLINEplus Health Information
A goldmine of reliable health information from the world's largest medical library of medicine, the National Library of Medicine. This database is maintained in collaboration with the NIH.

PATH’s Vaccine Resource Library
Gathers the world’s best immunization resources - including HBV - in a single, easy-to-use website with a wide variety of high-quality, scientifically accurate documents and links.

Vaccines for Children Program (VFC)
The VFC is a federal program that buys vaccines for children who meet certain requirements. Doctors can obtain vaccines for their patients who qualify by joining the VFC program in their state. There is no charge to doctors or patients for these vaccines. 

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS)
Information about how to report a vaccine adverse event. VAERS is a cooperative program for vaccine safety between the CDC and the FDA to collect information about adverse events (possible side effects) that occur after the administration of U.S. licensed vaccines.

Vaccine Information for the Public and Health Professionals
Comprehensive immunization information for parents, patients, and the media, including links to photographs and video clips. 

WHO Position Paper on Hepatitis B Vaccines 

WHO: Guidelines for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of persons with Chronic Hepatitis B infection (section 10.1, pg. 87-89)

WHO List of Prequalified Vaccines   

Pentavalent Vaccine: Guide for Healthcare Workers