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Joan Block Improving Lives Fund

Honoring Joan Block – Co-Founder and Former Executive Director of HBF
Continuing a Legacy of Improving the Lives of People Affected by Hepatitis B

For 26 years, Joan Block has been leading the charge and keeping the beacon of hope shining for millions of people around the world who are touched by hepatitis B.

In June 2017, Joan stepped down as tJ. Block Red 2013 CROPPEDhe Executive Director of the Hepatitis B Foundation, and passing the torch to a new leader who will help guide the HBF into a new chapter of growth and development. But the purpose to which she has dedicated her life is not going away. Joan can’t be replaced, but we can honor her passionate commitment to the cause and simultaneously create the means to help the HBF continue to do what she did – directing resources where the opportunity is greatest or the need is most critical to improve the lives of those affected by hepatitis B.

Donors who want to celebrate and perpetuate Joan’s legacy have set a bold goal of raising $150,000 to establish the Joan Block Improving Lives Fund of the Hepatitis B Foundation. The Fund will be a resource for:

  • Leading advocacy efforts to increase attention and funding for hepatitis B;
  • Ending discrimination against people with hepatitis B;
  • Changing policies and practices to increase screening, prevention and linkage to care for hepatitis B; and
  • Improving the lives of people affected by hepatitis B.

Please consider honoring Joan's leadership and advocacy with a gift to the Joan Block Improving Lives Fund.

Click here to read the detailed Case Statement about the Joan Block Improving Lives Fund.

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