Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that test new potential treatments for a disease. Talk to your doctor about possible clinical trials that could be helpful to you.

*CHB=Chronic hepatitis B, HBD=hepatitis D

For trials listed as "International" or "International Only," click on the NCT identification number for a complete list of participating countries.

Ezetimibe for Patients With Chronic Hepatitis D - Pakistan

Ezetimibe possesses pharmacophore features to inhibit NTCP, the receptor required for HBV and HDV hepatocyte entry that include two hydrophobes and one hydrogen bond acceptor. Therapy with Ezetimibe may lead to decline in hepatitis D virus levels. The aim of the study is to evaluate the utility of Ezetimibe in patients with chronic HDV infection. Contact: Zaigham Refer to identifier NCT03099278

Evaluation of Patients with Liver Disease, Including Hepatitis D - U.S.

Evaluate, investigate and follow-up patients suffering from acute and chronic liver disease. Qualified patients may be able to participate in other offered studies. Contact: Nancy Fryzek at 301-435-6122 or Dr. T. Jake Liang at 301-496-1721 Refer to identifier NCT00001971 (Study ID # 910214, 91-DK-0214)

The Hepatitis Delta International Network – International

Multicenter, observational study will build a registry of HDV patients around the world and collect clinical information. Contact: Dr. Heiner Wedemeyer at or Dr. SvenjaHardtke at and refer to identifier NCT02375906 (Study ID # HepNet-HDIN)

Currently recruiting patients in:

  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Rondonia, Brazil
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Hannover, Germany
  • Larissa, Greece
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Ankara, Turkey
  • San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy (coming soon)
  • Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation (coming soon)
  • Barcelona, Spain (coming soon)
  • Tiflis, Georgia (coming soon)
  • Vienna, Austria (coming soon)

Learn more about current HDV clinical trials.

Additional Resources is a service of the National Institutes of Health that provides a list of all the clinical trials that are being carried out in the United States. You can search for a clinical trial by disease, drug therapy, or trial location. offers a free search service by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) to help you find a clinical trial that may be right for you.

Hepatitis B Clinical Trials Page is a list that is updated each month by the Hepatitis B Foundation of clinical trials specific for hepatitis B.