#justB: Real People Sharing their Stories of Hepatitis B

justBThe Hepatitis B Foundation is proud to officially launch its new storytelling campaign, #justB, that creates a national storybank featuring real people living with hepatitis B who share their stories and put a human face on this serious disease. They hope to decrease stigma and discrimination and promote testing, immunization and treatment for hepatitis B to save lives. A new story will be featured each month during 2017. The #justB storytelling campaign is a program of the Hepatitis B Foundation in collaboration with StoryCenter and AAPCHO.


 Our October featured story: Dai: #justB There

 #justB is made possible by the generosity of:

Arbutus Biopharma

Dynavax Technologies


Original music by Joe Kye


Share YOUR Hep B Story! Join Us for the Next #justB Digital Storytelling Workshop

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We are excited to continue our partnership with StoryCenter and announce that our next digital storytelling workshop for the #justB campaign will be held in January 2018 in Berkeley, CA. The workshop will bring together a small group of individuals living with or affected by hepatitis B to learn how to share their stories to educate the public about the disease and to inspire action.

-If you are an individual interested in sharing your hep B story and participating in the workshop, please read the JustB Info Packet for Storytellers.

-If you are an organization interested in helping to recruit potential storytellers for the workshop, please read the JustB Info Packet for Partner Organizations.

To apply for the January 2018 workshop, please submit this Participant Information Form no later than Friday, December 1, 2017. For additional information, check out the recording and presentation slides from our recent webinar about the #justB project and upcoming workshop.