HBV Coinfection

*CHB=Chronic hepatitis B

For trials listed as "International" or "International Only," click on the NCT identification number for a complete list of participating countries.

HBV-HIV Coinfection Research Network – U.S. only
HBV-HIV research network will address important questions and impact the science and health of those that are HBV-HIV coinfected. Contact: Richard Sterling, MD, MSc at rksterli@vcu.edu  Refer to identifier NCT01924455 (Study ID # DK094818)

The HOPE Study: Characterizing Patients With Hepatitis B and C – U.S. only
This is an observational, longitudinal, prospective study that will collect samples to evaluate future treatment and disease progression in hepatitis B and C coinfected patients. Participants will be seen annually for up to 10 years. In addition, there is a longitudinal sub-study for treatment of hepatitis B that will involve two years of treatment with tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) and blood collections with optional liver biopsies. Contact: Haley Ward at 410-706-6569 or hward@ihv.umaryland.edu. Refer to identifier NCT02995252.

Immune Response in Patients with Hepatitis B and C Infection – United Kingdom
The principle aim of this study is to investigate exactly how patients’ immune cells interact with hepatitis B and C virus after becoming infected. By understanding how the immune cells interact with the virus it will be possible to use this information to develop better treatment regimens for these patients. Contact: Carol L. Alves, BSc, MRex, 0845 133 3111 ext. 3599 or carol.alves@btuh.nhs.uk. Refer to identifier NCT02275221

DAAs Treatment for HCV/HBV Co-infection Patients –Hong Kong/China
Determine the incidence, morbidity, mortality and predisposing factors for the reactivation of HBV replication during direct anti-HCV treatment of HCV/HBV coinfection. Contact: Dr. Cheng Wang (852)28613777 doc_chengwang@126.com or D.r George Lau at (852)28613777 gkklau@netvigator.com and refer to identifier NCT02555943 (Study ID # H&H_DASCO)