HBV and Pregnant Women

*CHB=Chronic hepatitis B

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Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry – U.S.
Multi-sponsor registry to detect any major teratogenic effect involving any of the registry drugs when administered to pregnant women. Contact: Susan Goodlow or Taylor Cook at 800-258-4263 or SM_APR@INCResearch.com and refer to identifier- NCT00404989  (Study ID # APR)

Immune Function Status and the Prevalence of Hepatitis in Postpartum Pregnant Women With CHB Infection – China
The study aims to detect and observe the immune function status and incidence of hepatitis in pregnant women with CHB in late pregnancy and the postpartum period to provide a clinical evidence for the administration of chronic hepatitis B virus infection pregnant women. Contact: Yao Xie at 8610-84322489 or xieyao00120184@sina.com and refer to identifier NCT02886182 (Study ID DTXY010).

Antiviral Therapy to Prevent HBV Intrauterine Infection – China
Clinical value and effectiveness of antiviral therapy will be evaluated in 500 HBeAg positive CHB infected pregnant women. Contact: Dr. Guiqin Bai at 86-18991232517 baigq@126.com and refer to identifier - NCT02719808 (Study ID # XJTU1AhCR2014-018)

Optimal Time for Tenofovir Treatment of Anti-Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) During the Pregnancy -- China

This study attempts to determine the optimal time for tenofovir treatment in pregnant women with high HBV DNA load. Pregnant women with high HBV load and normal liver function will be treated with tenofovir during the middle or late stage of pregnancy, started from 24th gestational week, 28th gestational week and 32th gestational week through 1 month postpartum, respectively. Viral load at 40th gestational week of mothers, perinatal infection rate will be compared. Contact: Jinfeng Liu at + 86-13259927840 or prettycaofurong@163.com or Jing Wang at  kidip@163.com and refer to identifier NCT02510963(Study ID XJTU1AHCR2014-013).

A Study of the Interruption on the Mother-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV MTCT)in Newborns at High Risk – China
In this study, researchers collect blood samples from babies born to HBV-infected women who are HbeAg-positive and have high viral loads, over a 30-day period after birth and then again at seven months. All newborns are given the hepatitis b vaccine and HBIG.According to the venous blood HBsAg state of neonatus at birth, researchers will explore the efficiency of personalized blocking method of HBV MTCT in high-risk newborns. Contact: Dr. Yao Xie at xieyao00120184@sina.com and refer to identifier: NCT02901418.

Antiviral Therapy in Pregnant Women to Reduce MTCT of HBV –Taiwan
Follow-up study investigates the safety of mothers and children exposed to maternal tenofovir (TDF) during pregnancy.  Contact: Dr.Meh-Hwei Chang at 886-02-231-23456 ext. 71723 or changmh@ntu.edu.tw or Dr. Huey-Ling Chen at 886-02-231-23456 ext. 71722 and refer to identifier NCT01312012 (Study ID # 201010078M, 201507025RINC)