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The Hepatitis B Foundation has created a variety of materials for those seeking more information about hepatitis B. Our Brochures, Information Sheets, and Newsletter are available in an easy-to-print PDF format. 

Information Sheets - B Informed Newsletter


acrobat documentAbout the Hepatitis B Foundation
This brochure briefly summarizes the history, mission, and programs of the Hepatitis B Foundation. It is a compact introduction for those who want to know more about this dynamic organization that continues to be the only national non-profit solely dedicated to the cause and cure of hepatitis B.

acrobat documentSomeone You Know Has Hepatitis B
This educational brochure provides an overview of hepatitis B, how it is transmitted, the importance of vaccination, and the urgent need to find a cure for the 400 million people chronically infected worldwide.

acrobat documentProtect Yourself and Those You Love 
This brochure promotes the important message that hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable disease. It describes the problem of hepatitis B, who is at greatest risk, the importance of prevention, and the hepatitis B vaccine.

acrobat documentVaccination: The First Loving Act
This brochure is to reassure adoptive parents that although hepatitis B is a concern with international and domestic adoptions, it is a vaccine-preventable disease. The Hepatitis B Foundation is a valuable resource for adoptive parents who need additional information and support.

acrobat documentLiving With Chronic Hepatitis B
This informative brochure is written specifically for patients and their loved ones. It discusses living with chronic hepatitis B, understanding your blood tests, available treatments, and managing your health. Recommendations about diet and alcohol, pregnancy and other special precautions are also included.

acrobat documentLiving With Chronic Hepatitis B- Traditional Chinese
Living With Chronic Hepatitis B Brochure, described above, translated into Traditional Chinese.

acrobat documentLiving With Chronic Hepatitis B- Simplified Chinese
Living With Chronic Hepatitis B Brochure, described above, translated into Simplified Chinese.

acrobat documentMeet O'Liver: Viral Hepatitis Mascot
This colorful brochure introduces the Hepatitis B Foundation's liver mascot, O'Liver. It explains in simple language the difference between hepatitis A, B, and C. It also talks about the important functions of the liver and how to protect yourself and those you love from viral hepatitis.  

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Information Sheets

acrobat documentThe Liver

acrobat documentHepatitis B Fast Facts 

New! Also available in  Chinese   Vietnamese   Korean   Spanish

acrobat documentGetting A Letter from the Blood Bank

acrobat documentUnderstanding Hepatitis B Blood Tests
New! Also available in   Chinese    Vietnamese   Korean   Spanish

acrobat documentThe Hepatitis B Vaccine

acrobat documentLiving with Chronic Hepatitis B
New! Also available in  Chinese    Vietnamese    Korean    Spanish

acrobat documentHepatitis B Guidelines for Pregnant Women

acrobat documentHepatitis B Treatment Information
New! Also available in  Chinese    Vietnamese    Korean    Spanish

acrobat documentHepatitis B Clinical Trials: What You Need To Know

acrobat documentHepatitis B and Health Care Providers  

acrobat documentHepatitis B Resource Round-Up of Useful Information

acrobat documentHepatitis B Information Packet

acrobat documentHepatitis B Parent Packet


B Informed Newsletter

We publish a free newsletter that includes timely news articles, a regularly updated "Drug Watch", "Hepatitis Vaccine Watch", patient stories, and more.

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