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web linkB Free CEED
A natioanl Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Hepatitis B Disparities. B Free CEED is a national resource and expert center committed to eliminating hepatitis B disparities in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

web linkCenter for Liver Disease and Transplantation of New York Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia and Cornell
The Center offers a full spectrum of services to patients suffering from all forms of liver disease, from walk-in office consultations to antiviral treatment for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C to liver transplantation.

web linkHepatitis Foundation of New Zealand
Sponsors major screening, vaccination and research programs, and is the national provider for follow-up care to the 12,000 registered HBV patients in NZ.

web linkThe Hepatitis B Initiative
A non-profit project founded and organized by a coalition of students to provide free education, screening, and vaccination for hepatitis B.

web linkHepatitis Prevention, Education, Treatment and Support Network of Hawaii (HPETS)
This is a summary Report of a Special Planning Meeting held at the Life Foundation on 3/27/03 to identify special projects that the new HPETS Network might integrate into the business plan for Calendar Year 2003.

A health and wellness site dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender men and women. Provides easy access to accurate and vital health information, including a newly launched Hepatitis Awareness Campaign.

web linkNational AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP)
A New York-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating individuals about HIV and Hepatitis treatments. They publish a newsletter and e-newsletter alerts, which include a section about hepatitis B.



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