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Hepatitis B Vaccines - Recommended for those at risk and patients with chronic HCV
Engerix B Recombinant HBV GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia,  PA Market, USA
Recombivax HB Recombinant HBV Merck, West Point, PA Market, USA
Gen Hevac B Recombinant HBV Aventis Pasteur, Lyons, France Market, Europe
(formerly, Hepagene)
HBV preS1, preS2 PowderJect, Oxford, U.K. Market, Europe
Bio-Hep B HBV S, preS1, PreS2 Biotech. Gen. Corp., Iselin, N.J. Market, Israel
Hepavax Gene Recombinant HBV Berna Biotech, Switzerland Market, Europe
Hepatitis A Vaccines - Recommended for those at risk and patients with chronic HBV and HCV
Havrix Inactivated HAV GlaxoSmithKline Market, USA
VAQTA Inactivated HAV Merck Market, USA
Avaxim Inactivated HAV Aventis Pasteur Market, Europe
Combination Hepatitis Vaccines
TwinRix (Adult) HBV and HAV GlaxoSmithKline Market, USA
Comvax (Pediatric) HBV and HiB Merck Market, USA
Pediarix (Pediatric) HBV, Polio, DTP GlaxoSmithKline Market, USA
Hexavac (Pediatric) HBV, DTP, HiB, Polio Aventis Pasteur Market, Europe
Hepatitis Vaccines in Development
Extra Strength Hep B
(for poor or nonresponders)
Recombinant GlaxoSmithKline
(with Corixa)
Phase III
Heplisav ISS-linked to HBsAg Dynavax Technology, Berkley, CA Phase III
Hep B
DNA Vaccine Px
HBV DNA Vaccine PowderJect Phase I



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