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Web Guidelines - Recommended Browsers and Plug-Ins

These recommendations are intended to help our Hepatitis B Foundation community optimize their experience with our new website and make informed decisions about the many available browsers.

Recommended Browsers, Versions and Plug-ins

Preferred Secure Browsers

web linkMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher for Windows (get latest PC IE browser)

web linkFirefox 1.05 or higher (get latest Firefox browser)

web linkMozilla 1.7 or higher (get latest Mozilla browser)

web linkSafari 1.2 (or higher) for Macintosh (get latest Safari browser)

web linkMicrosoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh is no longer supported by Microsoft.
We recommend either Safari or Firefox for Macintosh users.

Text-Based Browsers
Lynx 2.8.3 with SSL support - lynx runs on ITS timesharing systems (UTS and CCWF)

A text-based browser is included because it is a lowest common denominator browser which will give publishers an idea of how well their page will be accessible to various alternative browsing environments, including adaptive technologies for disabled users, WebTV, browsers running on older computers, cell phones or personal digital assistants.
If you are unable or do not wish to run one of the preferred browsers, be aware that some campus Web sites may not work with non-preferred browsers or earlier versions of preferred browsers.

PDF Document Reader
In addition to the browsers listed above, users should also have the following plug-ins installed in order to use the Web most effectively: 

web linkAcrobat Reader - 7.0 or later for viewing Adobe Acrobat PDF files

Flash and our new website

The New Hepatitis B Foundation website uses Flash to present navigational elements and to communicate key site content. With the release of Macromedia Flash MX and Flash Player 6, Macromedia has demonstrated a clear ongoing commitment to accessibility that has been widely acknowledged and praised by many people working in the area of disability support.

  • We are recommending Flash 6, 7 or 8 for optimal experience.  
  • For people who do not use a mouse to access the Web, we recommend

web linkFlash Player 7 or 8.

There may be some visitors to our site who are unable to install Flash, or whose assistive devices cannot operate with Flash.  For those individuals, the Hepatitis B Foundation is providing an alternative access path to our information contained in the Flash elements in the form of a standard HTML version of the content.

If you need additional assistance with our new site contact Rose Hessmiller via email at rhessmiller@fergusonlynch.com.

Page last modified October 21, 2009

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