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Samuel So, MD, FACS: "How Serious is Hepatitis B?"

Samuel So, M.D., FACS, the featured Keynote Speaker at the B Informed Patient Conference (2006), presents "How Serious is Hepatitis B". This presentation provides useful, easy-to-understand answers to common questions surrounding hepatitis B management and treatment.

The annual B Informed Patient Conference,sponsored by the Hepatitis B Foundation and the Hepatitis B Information and Support List, draws attendees from around the world and is the only conference geared specifically toward hepatitis B patients and families.

Dr. So is the Director of the Asian Liver Center and Liver Cancer Program at Stanford University, Stanford California, and is also the leader of the well-known Jade Ribbon Campaign, a national hepatitis B awareness effort. Additionally, Dr. So is a professor in the Department of Surgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

To start at the beginning of the presentation, simply click on one of the answer links (video, audio, or text-only) to the right of the first question, and follow the arrows in each successive page, to move to the next question. Alternatively, you can click on the answer to a specific question, and/or use the Questions link at the top of a Q&A page, to return to this list.

Questions Answer Formats
1. How serious is HBV?
2. What is the geographic distribution of chronic HBV?
3. Is HBV transmitted the same as AIDS?
4. Is HBV transmitted by casual contact?
5. Why do Asians have high rates of HBV?
6. What is the connection between HBV and liver cancer?
7. Is there evidence that chronic HBV causes liver cancer?
8. What is the most common cause of liver cancer?
9. What is the burden of HBV and liver cancer in China?
10. Where is chronic HBV most prevelant in China?
11. How do the rates of HBV compare to HIV in China?
12. How do the rates of Avian Flu compare to HBV in China?
13. What is the greatest health disparity between API and Caucasians?
14. How does chronic hepatitis B affect different ethnicities in the U.S.?
15. What are the 5 most common causes of cancer in CA?
16. What is the 5 year cancer survival rate by year of dignosis?
17. Why is chronic HBV called a silent killer?
18. Are doctors aware of the risks of HBV?
19. Do API need testing before vaccination?
20. Why is regular screening for liver cancer important?
21. Can you develop liver cancer without any symptoms?
22. How does early detection play a role in liver cancer survival?
23. Do HBV carriers need monitoring?
24. Can regular screening lead to early detection?
25. What is the California Liver Cancer Prevention Plan?
26. Do you have any advice for HBV carriers?