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32. What are the recommendations made by the treatment Algorithm panel?

So this is our group’s proposed approach to therapy with whatever drug you choose, or you as a patient choose to take. And by the way, the decision of taking interferon, or lamivudine, or adefovir I think is a partnership decision between your doctor and yourself. We educate, we tell up the up-sides and down-side, the pros and cons and then we make a decision together. All three therapies are acceptable. I would say any elevated ALT, doesn’t need to be two-fold, or repeated flares don’t need to wait six months. DNA greater or equal to 10 to the fifth in the regular e-Positive, the wild type- but it’s been shown if you have e-Negative chronic hepatitis B, 10 to the fourth occurs in a lot of active hepatitis B- that’s enough to treat. E-Positive or negative, if you do a biopsy there ought to be moderate disease on biopsy.