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2. What is the prevalence rate of chronic hepatitis B in the world?

Hepatitis B has different prevalence rates, this is the number of cases in the population in different parts of the world and we were talking earlier about China where the prevalence rate averages ten percent. By the way, hepatitis C is 3 percent in China, so China has hepatitis C as well as hepatitis B. There are other parts of the world like parts of Africa and Russia where there’s an intermediate incidence, and in the US, we are a low incidence overall. About 0.3% or 0.4%, that’s 3 or 4 people per thousand. But that’s the US as a whole, if you live in the Bay Area and you practice as a physician or you live in an Asian community, your prevalence rate really parallels the country of origin. So, although the US statistics are low, it really depends on where you live.