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Run4TeamHepB Runner Spotlight: Aaron Rak

Our Run4TeamHepB is out there beating the heat and continuing to train hard for the TCS New York City Marathon taking place on Nov. 6, 2022! We’ve been highlighting each one of our dedicated runners so you can meet the team and join them raising awareness and funds for those living with hep B. Feel free to share these posts to help get the word out!

Next up…meet Aaron!fed15234 2ba5 4d97 8e26 1b0bd3205c82

  • Who: Aaron Rak
  • What: An incredible marathon runner seeking his 15th medal!
  • Where: Resides in NYC
  • When: Nov. 6 for the 51st running of the NYC marathon 
  • Why: Aaron says “It’s not too often that I get to combine my personal and professional/public health goals!  Working in Biotech for the past 20 years, and now with VBI vaccines, my goal is to improve public health." We say, THANK YOU Aaron for all your hard work and dedication to our cause - both your scientific and fundraising contributions are invaluable in helping more than 300 million people living with chronic hepatitis B worldwide. 

For more info and to help Aaron reach his goal, please go here to donate.