Hepatitis B Foundation hails decision by U.S. Public Health Service Corps to accept future applicants living with chronic hepatitis B infection and HIV <<Click here>>

Hepatitis Delta Connect Program Addresses Unmet Need

Delta Connect LogoHepatitis delta is the deadliest form of viral hepatitis which occurs only in people already infected with hepatitis B. Yet, most people are unaware of the delta virus, let alone are being tested for it. Over the past 25 years, the HBF has helped reduce the burden of hepatitis B through its website, help lines and outreach programs. It is now time to also increase awareness about the need to test for hepatitis delta among hepatitis B patients since coinfection with this virus results in more serious and rapid liver damage. Our Hepatitis Delta Connect program will include a dedicated website, social media presence, webinars and other educational activities. Visit hepdconnect.org

Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) Fast Facts

  • There are 15 million people worldwide living with HDV
  • Hepatitis B co-infection with HDV results in more serious and rapid liver damage
  • The hepatitis B vaccine can prevent HDV
  • HBV is most common in parts of Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Central Asia, Turkey, Africa, China, and South America
  • There is no approved treatment for HDV, but there are 5 new promising drugs in human clinical trials. Visit us at www.hepDconnect.org