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Hepatitis B Foundation Storytelling Campaign

iStock 000085570185 FullThe HBF recognizes that engaging community members in sharing their personal stories about hepatitis B is essential to reducing stigma, encouraging screening, and improving referral to care and services. The Hepatitis B Foundation Storytelling Campaign will use the real voices of everyday people living with or affected by HBV as a key component in our awareness and advocacy efforts. We will engage people to share their stories in short videos created during a digital storytelling workshop led by StoryCenter (formerly the Center for Digital Storytelling, a nonprofit organization that founded the global digital storytelling movement). These participants will then be trained to share their stories and videos to increase HBV awareness, screening and care in their local communities and nationally. Our goal is to build a meaningful patient story bank that create a sustainable network of trained storytellers to put a compelling human face on the problem of hepatitis B and raise its visibility as an urgent public health priority. Visit