HBV and Other Diseases

Follow-up of Chronic Hepatitis B Patients With Comorbid Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – China/Hong Kong
This study, open to children, adults and seniors, monitors disease progression in patients with CHB and fatty liver (NAFLD) compared to patients with CHB and NAFLD including liver cirrhosis, cirrhotic complications and liver cancer (HCC). Contact: Dr. George Lau at gkklau@netvigator.com or +852 2861 3777 and refer to identifier -- NCT02863757 (Study ID # H&H_NAFLD/CHB)

Association Insulin Resistance/Steatosis and Hepatic Fibrosis in CHB and NAFLD– Korea
The aim is to investigate the relationship between insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B. Contact: Dr. Won Kim at drwon1@snu.ac.kr  or call 8228702233 or Dr. SaekyungJoojoo.sammy@gmail.com 821089619285 and refer to identifier – NCT02031913 (Study ID # HBV_FL)

Evaluation of the Role of Aflatoxin as an Environmental Risk Factor Attributable to Liver Cancer in Nile Delta – Egypt
Exposure to aflatoxin is an additional risk factor for the development of liver cancer (HCC). A significant association between aflatoxin exposure and HCC has been reported in hyperendemic areas. A synergistic interaction between AFB1 exposure and viral hepatitis B (HBV) infection on HCC risk has been reported in several epidemiologic studies. The study examines aflatoxin levels in patients with liver cancer and cirrhosis. Contact: Sherief Abd-elsalam at 00201095159522 or email sheriefabdelsalam@yahoo.com and refer to identifier NCT02461966.