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您可要求您的家庭医生、当地的卫生部门或肝脏学家进行一次简单的乙型肝炎验血。 这一验血可在任何医生诊所进行。如果您在纽约市地区居住,您可致电给免费电话 1-888-888-0981了解详情和医生的转诊。您可以获得英语、国语和粤语信息。这是免费电话。不要等待,请现在就打电话。




纽约市读者最多的中文报纸均曾登载含有有关乙型肝炎信息的文章和广告。这些报纸包括《世界日报》、《星岛日报》、《明报》和The China Press。大约有一百万华人听众收听有关乙型肝炎的无线电台信息报道。华人医生也在有关乙型肝炎的社区讲座发表演说。



Free Info and Referrals
in the USA

Where can I get tested for hepatitis B?
You can ask your family doctor, the local health department, or a liver specialist to order the simple hepatitis B blood test. This blood test can be done in any doctor's office.

You can also call the GlaxoSmithKline HBV Info and Assistance line, toll-free at 1-888-888-0981.  Information about hepatitis B and physician referrals across the country are available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Where can I get more information about hepatitis B?
Articles and advertisements with information about hepatitis B have appeared in the most widely read Chinese newspapers in New York City. These include World Journal, Sing Tao, Ming Pao and The China Press. Radio coverage with information about hepatitis B has reached about 1 million Chinese listeners. Chinese doctors are also speaking at community seminars on hepatitis B.

Print out the Hepatitis B Foundation brochure written for people living with chronic hepatitis B in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Dr. Tso writes about "Hepatitis B and the Chinese Community".
For a free copy of an article by Dr. Alan Tso at the Chinatown Health Center, click Dr. Tso Talks About Hepatitis B and The Chinese Community.

Where can I find medical care in New York City?
Over 150 doctors with the Oxford Health Plans, the Chinese-American IPA, and the Chinatown Health Clinic are prepared to answer your questions about hepatitis B. They can refer you to qualified physicians for blood tests, for the vaccine, and for treatment. Call toll-free at 1-888-888-0981 for  information about hepatitis B and physician referrals in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese.