Hepatitis B Foundation


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乙型肝炎基金会(Hepatitis B Foundation)简介

乙型肝炎基金会于1991年因应一个受到乙型肝炎影响的年轻家庭的个人故事而设立。这一家庭的困境使一对知名的新希望市(New Hope)夫妇 Paul和Jan Witte及杰佛逊医学院(宾夕法尼亚州费城—Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia, PA))教授Timothy Block博士深受感动。他们共同寻求一家组织,以便为受到乙型肝炎影响者提供具体信息和支持,但发现没有此类组织。


我们是以研究乙型肝炎病因和根治方法为唯一宗旨的唯一全国性组织。 经过义工和兼职工作人员的合作性、创造性和坚定的努力,我们得以建立一个成功的社区宣传计划。我们也资助一项积极的研究计划,其中包括杰佛逊医学院的乙型肝炎基金会实验室。我们赞助每年一度的普林斯顿乙型肝炎病毒讲座(Princeton HBV Workshop),并邀请全美首屈一指的科学家前来交流信息,以促进乙型肝炎病毒的抗病毒研究。


对于参加我们的寻求根治方法事业的所有个人、私人基金会和公司,我们谨此致谢。在他们的慷慨支持下,乙型肝炎基金会 正在满足成千上万人的需求,并在寻求慢性乙型肝炎的根治方法方面取得进展!


对乙型肝炎基金会的乐捐可以抵税。 我们接受支票或信用卡乐捐。捐款可以您的名义、贵公司的名义、匿名或最为纪念性捐款进行。许多企业也为其员工设立了匹配馈赠捐助计划,这将尽量增加您的个人捐款。




About the Hepatitis B Foundation

The Hepatitis B Foundation was started in 1991 in response to a personal story of a young family affected by hepatitis B. A prominent New Hope couple, Paul and Jan Witte, and Dr. Timothy Block, a Professor at Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia, PA), were deeply moved by the plight of this family. Together they searched for an organization that could provide specific information and support for those affected by hepatitis B, and soon discovered there was none.

They were alarmed to learn that there was no organization dedicated to finding a cure for this disease. With the full support of friends, family, and the New Hope community, the Wittes and Dr. Block formed the Hepatitis B Foundation with the mission of finding a cure and serving as a resource for those who need information and support about this serious liver disease.

We are the only national voluntary nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the cause and cure of hepatitis B. Through the cooperative, creative, and committed efforts of volunteers and part-time staff, we have been able to establish a successful Community Outreach Program. We also fund an active Research Program which includes the Hepatitis B Foundation Laboratory at Jefferson Medical College. Each year we sponsor the annual Princeton HBV Workshop where the nation’s leading scientists are invited to exchange information to advance HBV antiviral research.

Thanks to our Contributors!
We thank all of those individuals, private foundations, and corporations who have joined our Cause for a Cure. With their generous support, the Hepatitis B Foundation is meeting the needs of thousands of people and moving forward in finding a cure for chronic hepatitis B!

The Hepatitis B Foundation would like to continue to provide you with up-to-date information on hepatitis B and eventually find a cure for the disease, but we depend on your financial support to continue our efforts.

Donations to the Hepatitis B Foundation are tax-deductible. We accept checks or credit card donations. They can be made in your name, your company's name, anonymously, or as a memorial contribution. Many businesses also have Matching Gift Programs for their employees, which will maximize your personal donation.

If you would like more information about the Foundation, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We hope you can help support our Cause for a Cure by making a donation today. Thank you!