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Seminar Series Schedule 2006

An annual Seminar Series is co-sponsored by the Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research (IHVR), the Hepatitis B Foundation, and the Drexel Institute to promote scientific exchange at the national and international level.

Friday, December 1, 2006, 11:00 AM
Bradford Jameson, Ph.D., Drexel University College of Medicine
Title to be announced

Monday, November 13th, 11:00 AM
Zoltan Szekely, Ph.D., Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Title to be announced

Friday, November 10th, 11:00 AM
Jack Wands, M.D.
, Brown University
“Molecular Immunopathology of hepatitis B and C”

Friday, October 27th, 11:00 AM
Eiji Miyoshi, M.D., Ph.D., Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
"Glycobiology of human cancer"

Wednesday, October 25th, 11:00 AM
Brian McMahon, Ph.D.

“Unanswered Questions in the Natural History of HBV”

Friday, August 25th 11:00 AM
Brigitte L. Simons, Ph.D.
“New Methods for large-scale quantitative LC-MS proteomics employing novel isotopic labeling chemistry and bioinformatic tools”

Wednesday, August 23rd, 11:00 AM
Volker Bruss, Ph.D.
, Fox Chase Cancer Center
“Hepatitis B Virus Envelopment”

Friday, July 28th, 11:00 AM
Rebecca Wells, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
“Matrix, Mechanics, and TGF-beta in Liver Fibrosis”

Friday, July 7th, 11:00 AM
Matthias Schnell, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University
“From Mice to Monkeys – Rabies Virus as a Vaccine Vector against HIV-1”

Wednesday, May 3rd, 4:00 PM
Christopher Walker, M.D., Ph.D.
, Ohio State Pediatrics
“Escape from Immunity by the hepatitis C virus”

Friday, April 28th, 11:00 AM
Gerry Evans, Ph.D., BioLeap
Title to be announced

Wednesday, April 12th, 3:00 PM
John Ward, M.D.,
Centers for Disease Control
"Hepatitis B: Eliminating Infection, Controlling Disease"

HBF Distinguished Bruce Witte Lecturer
Wednesday, March 1st, 4:00 PM
John Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.,
Fox Chase Cancer Center
“Learning from Hepatitis Delta Virus”

Wednesday, February 15th
Paul Martin, M.D.,
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
“Viral hepatitis and the management of renal transplant patients”

Thursday, February 2nd
Lorne Tyrrell, M.D., Ph.D.,
University of Alberta, Canada
“Experimental models for the study and management of hepatitis B and C”

Tuesday, January 31st
Banu Onaral, Ph.D.,
Drexel University College of Medicine
Title to be announced

Friday, January 20th
Judith Bender, Ph.D. ,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
"DNA methylation of endogenous genes in Arabidopsis"




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