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Seminar Series Schedule 2004

HBF Distinguished Bruce Witte Lecturer
Tuesday, November 30th
Emmet Keeffe, M.D.,
Chief of Hepatology, Stanford University Medical Center, and President, American Gastroenterological Association
Title To Be Announced 

Friday, November 19th 
Manohar Katakam, Ph.D.,
President, Nextgen Laboratories, Inc.
"Challenges in the Formulation Development of Therapeutic Proteins"

Thursday, November 4th
Brent Korba, Ph.D.,
Georgetown University
"Prevention of Disease Progression and Recovery of Anti-WHV Immune Responses Following Combination Therapy with Clevudine and Therapeutic Vaccination in Chronically-infected Woodchucks"

October 10, 2004 
Bahrad Sokhansanj, Ph.D., Drexel University
“Computational Methods for Identifying and Interpreting Bio-Signatures”

September 23, 2004
Ju-Tao Guo, MD, M.S., Fox Chase Cancer Center
“Mechanism of Interferon Response Against Hepatitis C Virus Infection”

September 14, 2004
Kunwar Shailubhai, Ph.D., Callisto Pharm., Inc.
“Signaling Mechanisms Involved in Anti-Cancer and Anti-Angeonesis Activity of Atiprimod”

September 8, 2004
Thomas Bailey, Ph.D., Viropharma Inc
“Can Screening Small Molecule Libraries Provide Lead Series?”

August 25, 2004
Pauline Rudd, Ph.D., University of Oxford 
“The Carbohydrate Epitope of the Neutralizing Anti-HIV-1 Antibody 2G1”

July 21, 2004
Guang Yang, Ph.D.,
University of Pennsylvania
“Molecular Dissection of HCV Replication Complex and the Identification of Targets of Antiviral Compounds”

May 12, 2004
James Paulson, Ph.D., The Scripps Institute
“Life: Sugar Coded”

May 10, 2004
Draga Toncheva, Ph.D.,
University of Sofia, Bulgaria
“Tissue Microarray and Cancer Discovery”

April 26, 2004
Greg Kirk, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute
“P53 and HCC”

April 23, 2004
Sven-Erik Behrens, Ph.D., Fox Chase Cancer Center
“Identification of Complex RNA Elements and Host Factors that Control the Replication of Flavivirdae”

April 14, 2004
Sylvie LaQuerre, Ph.D., Viropharma, Inc.
“Viruses as a Toll for Cancer Therapy and Targets in Infectious Diseases”

March 14, 2004
Paul Cote, Ph.D., Georgetown University Medical Center
“Early Markers of Chronicity in Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus Infection and Their Implications for Therapy”

March 11, 2004
Henry Pollack, M.D., New York University
“Pediatric HBV Viral Dynamics and Diseases”

February 18, 2004
Brian Wigdahl, Ph.D., Drexel University College of Medicine
“Retrovirus Transmission and CNS Disease”

February 13, 2004
Andrea Cuconati, Ph.D., Viropharma, Inc.
“The Antiviral Effects of Innate Mechanisms and Small-Molecule Drugs”

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