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Bruce Witte Fellowship

The Bruce Witte Research Fellowship was established in 2000 through the generosity of Paul and Janine Witte, Co-Founders of the Hepatitis B Foundation.

This research fellowship is intended to encourage a beginning scientist to use their skills and training for hepatitis B research. It will provide salary support for up to three years for a young faculty level scientist in the Hepatitis B Foundation's labs.

Summary of Benefits and Award Terms

  • Salary support, renewable each year up to a total of three years, with the understanding that additional funds may be necessary to supplement the salary support (either from the Foundation or other extramural sources).
  • Fellows must have received a Ph.D. (or equivalent doctoral training, such as a D.Phil.) from an accredited graduate program to qualify for consideration of this award.
  • This award begins July 1 for a period of up to three years, subject to satisfactory annual progress reports and availability of Foundation funds.
  • The Fellow will work in the Hepatitis B Foundation's research lab and will be supervised by the Foundation's Chief Scientific Advisor and/or designated appointee.


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