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Managing Chronic HBV

All patients with chronic hepatitis B infections, including children and adults, should be monitored regularly since they are at increased risk for developing cirrhosis, liver failure, or liver cancer.

Early intervention with the current treatments may benefit patients with signs of active liver disease. Screening and vaccination of family members is also recommended.

Adults with Chronic Hepatitis B

Six-month visits are standard, but more frequent visits may be required for some patients. Visits usually include:

  • Physical exam
  • Blood tests for hepatitis B markers
  • Blood tests for LFTs and AFP
  • Ultrasound imaging of the liver

WHO Guidelines for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of Persons with Chronic Hepatitis B infection (2015)

Hepatitis B Foundation Recommendations for Primary Care Providers (2010)

AASLD Practice Guideline Update: Chronic HBV Management (2009)

Revised EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines for Hepatitis B (2012)

EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Chronic Hepatitis B (2009)

Management of Chronic Hepatitis B: A New Treatment Algorithm from a Panel of US Experts Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (October 2008)


Children with Chronic Hepatitis B

In general, the recommendations for children are the same as for adults - visits are typically every six months or once a year. Visits usually include a physical exam, HBV blood tests, AFP and LFT blood tests, and possible ultrasound imaging.

Read the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Pediatric HBV Recommendations
The Hepatitis B Foundation convened an Expert Pediatric Panel of nationally recognized pediatric liver specialists to create the first national recommendations for children living with hepatitis B to ensure that they receive the best care possible.

HBF's Pediatric HBV Screening and Monitoring Recommendations
(Published in Pediatrics Nov. 2009)

HBF's Pediatric HBV Management and Treatment Recommendations
(Published in Hepatology Oct. 2010)



Page last reviewed March 2014

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