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Aim for the B Campaign Spotlights Hepatitis B
May 9-15, 2005

“AIM for the B” (Awareness, Involvement and Mobilization for Chronic Hepatitis B) is a public awareness program that will take place May 9-16, 2005, to coincide with National Hepatitis B Awareness Week. Local physicians, patients and third-party organizations will gather to share their experiences with the disease, and discuss the importance of early diagnosis and care.

The initiative is co-sponsored by the Hepatitis B Foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb and is designed to highlight chronic hepatitis B as a key problem in the United States and to build better understanding of the disease.

The campaign puts hepatitis B in the national spotlight because Americans lack awareness about the seriousness of this disease. Chronic hepatitis B is potentially a life-threatening disease, and yet patients often feel their diagnosis is not serious since they typically do not experience symptoms and their doctors tend to take a “watch and wait” approach to managing the disease.

“AIM for the B” is designed to illustrate the significant impact associated with chronic hepatitis B, through testimonies from patients, physicians and third-party organizations (such as the HBF) that are involved first-hand with the disease.

As part of the program, a series of local events will be held in four cities where chronic hepatitis B prevalence is high: New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Jose.


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Page last modified October 21, 2009

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