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Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the primary international airport serving Shanghai, and a major aviation hub for Asia. One of China's newest air facilities, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport has risen quickly since opening in 1999 to become China's busiest international transport hub. This is the main airport for Shanghai, handling more than 40 million passengers every year. The Maglev Train zips arriving travellers into Pudong in just over seven minutes.

There are more than 80 airlines running regular flights here, connecting almost 200 destinations around the world. More than half of Pudong's air traffic is international, since Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai's main domestic facility, handles most of the city's domestic flights. PVG is the base of Eastern China Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, and a key hub for Air China. Most other national carriers have good links to this Chinese airport. The two terminals at Pudong Airport both have an excellent selection of amenities for passengers and are connected by covered walkways.

Cars and Taxis

Travellers who want to hire a car at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport will need to have a Chinese driving licence to do so, or alternatively opt for a rental car with a driver. Taxis from the airport to the centre of Shanghai take about 50 minutes.


Several airport bus lines offer an affordable option to get to various destinations around Shanghai. These buses serve many different routes and destinations, according to their line number. Of note, the resident tourism booth has information about specific lines.


The shining star of transportation based here is without question the Shanghai Maglev Train. This bullet train takes just seven minutes and 20 seconds to go from the Pudong Airport Subway Station to the Longyang Road Station in the city. Trains depart daily every 15 minutes between 06:45 and 21:40. The Metro Line 2 also runs from the airport to Longyang Road, as well as to People's Square and Hongqiao Airport, the city's main domestic airport.


To attend the 2013 International HBV Meeting in Shanghai, China, it will be necessary to obtain a VISA (either business or tourist) to participate. Please allow a minimum of 30-60 days before departure for this process.  Most often it will also be necessary for you to have your flight ticket in advance of your VISA application as it may be necessary to show a copy of your airline ticket.

Additionally, you may need a Letter of Invitation from the meeting organizers. Please be sure to send your request for this to info@hbvmeeting.org and list ALL information that you need included in this letter.

For general Chinese VISA information please visit: http://www.visaforchina.org/