Los Angeles

Travel Grants

The meeting organizers, as in previous years, are actively raising funds to provide travel grants for students, post-docs, and others in need of additional support. Participants interested in receiving travel grant assistance should submit an abstract no later than Monday, 6/16/2014. The Meeting Organizers will determine and distribute travel grants no later than Wednesday, 6/25.

Eligibility Requirements

Travel grant requests will receive consideration based on the following criteria:

  • Only Young Scientists* may submit for funding consideration
  • Award will be based on the score earned by the submitted abstract
  • Financial need of the student/ post-doctoral fellow
  • Under-represented American minority status (as required by NIH grant)

To submit your abstract, please go to the Abstracts page.

  • Travel grant abstracts must be submitted no later than Monday, 6/16/2014.
  • Young Scientists who submit travel grant abstracts will receive notice of their award no later than Wednesday, 6/25/2014.

*A "Young Scientist" is a scientist/researcher who has only 5-6 years post doctorate who does not work independently and is not the "Principal Investigator" on grants.