2007 International Meeting
The Molecular Biology of Hepatitis B Viruses

September 16-20, 2007
Rome, Italy

Dr. Massimo Levrero, University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Dr. Thomas Michalak, Memorial University, Canada

Sala dello Stenditoio
Complesso Monumentale San Michele a Ripa Grande
Via San Michele 22
Rome, Italy

The International Meeting of the Molecular Biology of Hepatitis B Viruses remains the definitive international meeting that covers all aspects of the biology of hepatitis B and hepatitis D, including biochemistry, molecular biology, traditional virology, immunology, pathogenesis, and carcinogenesis, as well as the latest developments in antiviral therapies against these two viruses.

Coordinated by the Hepatitis B Foundation


**Scientists with disabilities will be fully accommodated and are encouraged to register.

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