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26. Do you have any advice for HBV carriers?

So my advice to all of you who have chronic hepatitis B is just like the name of this conference “B-Informed.” Right? Learn the principles of HBV treatment and control. It is very simple. I always say hepatitis B is very simple. It is the doctors who make it difficult because those doctors who have made it difficult don’t really understand hepatitis B. I can say that because I am actually an FDA consultant for hepatitis B anti-viral drugs for the last eight years. So most of the drugs which are on the market came through our committee and whether you like it or not, we were responsible for approving them. So you need to find out what you test, what tests you need to monitor regularly, what treatment and when treatment is appropriate. Okay. Get your family tested for hepatitis B and vaccinated if they are not protected. Don’t assume all doctors are knowledgeable about hepatitis B and the risks of liver cancer. And don’t let your doctors scare you. You know people, my patients come to see me and then they say, “Oh my doctor told me I am going to die or I need a transplant.” You know? I look at their numbers and I say what the heck are you talking about? You know you just need to be monitored and if you need treatment, undergo appropriate treatment and go and have fun and enjoy life. So really with a few simple tests twice a year, you can enjoy a normal family life.