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12. What are the US risk groups?

Among people in the United States, who are the ones who are most likely to develop a new infection? A lot of these are behavioral. So people, both men and women who have multiple sex partners, men and women who have a sexually transmitted disease, men who have sex with men (which is CDC talk for gay men) sex contacts of infected persons - heterosexual or homosexual - people who use drugs by injection (illicit drugs) the household contacts of chronically infected people, infants born to infected mothers, infants and children born into the high-risk populations the Asian and Pacific Islanders and African immigrants, and then at considerably lower risk healthcare workers, public safety workers. Last on the list, we have hemodialysis patients. There was a time in the early 70’s where hepatitis B was absolutely rampant among hemodialysis patients but with the good hygiene, careful use of the dialysis machinery, and primarily use of vaccination of people with chronic renal disease, that’s really almost been eliminated.