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Research for A Cure

Our research program is bringing hope through the work of scientists in the Hepatitis B Foundation Lab. We sponsor activities that help keep the national research focus on hepatitis B and promote innovative scientific exchange among academia, industry and government.

Baruch S. Blumberg Institute

The Blumberg Institute is the research arm of the Hepatitis B Foundation and was renamed in 2013 to honor its Co-founder, Dr. Baruch S. Blumberg, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the hepatitis B virus. Learn more.

Princeton Workshop

A small group of the nation's leading scientists and clinicians focus on innovative therapeutic strategies for hepatitis B in a dynamic workshop environment. Learn more.

Summer Internship Program

College and high school students are introduced to the unique problem of hepatitis B and learn new research skills in the Foundation labs. Learn more.

Seminar Series

Leading researchers and scientists are invited to speak at the Hepatitis B Foundation. Each year the key note speaker is renowned scientist who has been invited to be the "Distinguished Bruce Witte Lecturer". Learn more.



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