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The Hepatitis B Foundation has been very successful in establishing effective partnerships to accomplish our goals. We recognize the value of partnering with other organizations to maximize our resources and extend our reach. Together we can work to help improve the quality of life for all those affected by hepatitis B and other liver diseases. 

web linkAmerican Liver Foundation (ALF)
We share board members with the ALF and work together on community awareness events, national education initiatives, and legislative advocacy issues.

web linkAnswer To Cancer
This annual race was founded by Adrian J. Elkins, a collegiate cross-country runner infected with the Hepatitis B virus that progressed to fatal liver cancer at the age 19.  During his illness Adrian adopted the personal motto that “There is no finish line – ever.”  His family continues Adrian’s goal to educate people about liver cancer and hepatitis B.  The Hepatitis B Foundation is proud to be a beneficiary of these efforts.  

web linkAsian Liver Center (ALC) at Stanford University
We are a charter member of the ALC's national Jade Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer in the Asian-American community.

web linkAsian Pacific Liver Center (APLC) at St. Vincent Medical Center
We are partnering with the APLC to host the 2008 patient conference in Los Angeles, California.

web linkCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Viral Hepatitis
The Division of Viral Hepatitis is the Public Health Service component that provides the scientific and programmatic foundation for the prevention, control, and elimination of hepatitis virus infections in the United States, and assists the international public health community in these activities. The Hepatitis B Foundation is a recognized CDC partner.

web linkChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia - Vaccine Education Center
We participate in the Center's annual workshop and help promote their website and book "Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know", written by Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Center.

web linkChinese Health Information Center (CHIC) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
We provide literature about hepatitis B in both English and Chinese, and will assist with research and data analysis for CHIC's hepatitis B screening of Asians in the Philadelphia area.

web linkDelaware Valley Hepatitis Treatment, Research and Education Center (HepTrec)
We are a charter member of HepTrec (established in 2002), and sit on their Board. We will help keep hepatitis B in focus as they provide hepatitis-related services in the greater Philadelphia area.

web linkDrexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research of Drexel University College of Medicine
We developed an innovative academic partnership with Drexel University to share resources to further our mutual research goals. The Drexel Institute is dedicated to virology in general, and viral hepatitis research in particular. It specializes in molecular virology, proteomics, glycobiology, antiviral and vaccine research.

web linkHepatitis B Adoption ListServ
We partner with this online hepatitis B support group which serves as a source of information and support for parents of children with the hepatitis B virus.

web linkHepatitis B Information and Support ListServ (HB-L)
We have a strong partnership with this online hepatitis B support group, which collaborates with us to help sponsor the only national patient conference for those affected by hepatitis B.

web linkHepatitis B Initiative
We partner with this non profit organization to provide education and help identify culturally appropriate, easy to access hepatitis B screening, vaccination, and treatment services. 

web linkHepatitis B United
We created and co-chair this national coalition in partnership with AAPCHO to promote and leverage the success of local community-based coalitions across the U.S. in the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer.

web linkImmunization Action Coalition (IAC)
We have a long, collaborative history with IAC, formerly known as the Hepatitis B Coalition, since we both started in 1991. We share information, promote each other's materials, and participate in common legislative advocacy activities.

web linkBaruch S. Blumberg Institute
We established this nonprofit research organization in 2004 to serve our research needs. Its mission is to use discovery science to find new therapies for viral hepatitis and liver cancer; to advance its research discoveries through traditional scholarship and educational opportunities; and to nurture biotechnology. In 2013, HBF renamed its research "institute" the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute to honor their Co-founder Dr. Baruch S. Blumberg, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the hepatitis B virus.

web link National Task Force on Hepatitis B - Focus on Asian-Pacific Islanders (API)
We are a member of this CDC-sponsored national task force to address the problem of low hepatitis B vaccination among API children across the U.S. The 30 member task force is drawn from the public, private and academic sectors.

web link National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR)
We are a charter member of this 120 member coalition that is dedicated to developing, implementing and maintaining a national strategy to eliminate viral hepatitis in the United States.

web linkParents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDs)
We share information and referrals, have been invited by PKIDs to participate in a call for a Presidential Advisory Council for Viral Hepatitis, and support PKIDs Summer Camp program to send children with viral hepatitis and HIV to camp for free.

web linkPennsylvania Department of Health
We receive major grant funding from the PA Dept. of Health. We also help them coordinate and lead statewide trainings about viral hepatitis for health care professionals and first responders.


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