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"Strategies for Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Infections"

60 minute podcast beginning with a presentation of an award to doctor Ahmed for his service in this area, followed by an introductory speech covering his years of experience in the treatment of hepatitis B infections.

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Dr. Rafi Ahmed

The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to recognize Rafi Ahmed, PhD as the 2008 “Bruce Witte Distinguished Lecturer” award recipient. Dr. Ahmed is an internationally recognized expert on viral persistence and the immune response to viruses. As the Director of the Emory Vaccine Center and as the Georgia Alliance Eminent Scholar, Dr. Ahmed studies immunological memory and the ability of the immune system to remember a particular antigen and respond accordingly. Dr. Ahmed and his colleagues have made significant discoveries about how immune memory cells are created and how long they survive; understanding these mechanisms is crucial to the development of vaccines for HBV and other infectious agents. In addition to contributing vitally to vaccine science, Dr. Ahmed's findings are being applied to research into therapies for the treatment of cancer and the prevention of organ rejection.

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